Book Plates and A Good Place

This is a “book plate.” It is an adhesive label for placement inside a book cover.

If you have any of my six (6) books and do not have a personal autograph, I’ll be happy to send one your way.

Here’s how:

Email me and include the following.
In the subject line, put “Book Plate.”

In the text body of the email, give me your name, how/who I need to sign it for, and your mailing address.

I’ll gladly send it your way for placement inside of your copy of one of my six books.

“Mayo Moore” listed in the sample book plate is the narrator of my new novel, A Good Place.
It’s the followup to The Wayfaring Stranger, and picks up Joe and Eliza’s story thirteen years later.

Their thirteen year old son, Mayo, is the narrator of this family’s difficulties, joys, and trials during the Civil War* years in Louisiana.

Hopefully, A Good Place will be available for readers in late 2009.

* I’ve done lots of research and reading on what folks called “The Civil War.” Most resources note that this term, Civil War, didn’t come into popularity until after the war ended.

So other terms were used like, “War of Southern Rebellion.” What other names have you heard this conflict called?

Let me know.

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  1. Hey Curt,
    My dad calls is the War of Northern Aggression. Ever heard of that? You know ole’ Bob Evans…all southern all the time. Was he like that was he was YOUNG and living in Dry Creek? Or did that happen to him over time?

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