2 Successful Operations: A healed body… and a new heart.

One of my heroes, Bobby Bonds, told me this story a few years before his death:
As a teenager his Sunday School teacher was a WWII veteran named “Red” Harvey. Mr. Harvey told the boys in his class this amazing story:

“During the war, my plane was shot down over Germany and I was badly injured before parachuting into enemy territory, and was immediately captured.  A German doctor did emergency brain surgery, saving my life.

“During my long recovery, the doctor and I became friends. He used this time and relationship to tell me about how Jesus had changed his life and was willing to do the same for me.

“I took him up on this invitation and stand before you boys today as an example of the life-changing power of God’s son, Jesus.”

Bobby Bonds told me this wonderful story with tears in his eyes, and I’ve never forgotten it. A doctor who saved a man’s life—not just any man, but an enemy combatant.

Then the doctor connected him with the greatest healer ever: the great physician whom I call Jesus.

The result was a healed body and a new heart.

What a story.
“Hallelujah, what a Savior.”

“While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”   -Romans 5:8

Author’s note:  Bobby Bonds grew up in the Alexandria/Pineville area.  If anyone can supply more details on this story, I’d appreciate being contacted toll free at 1.866.520.1947 or curtiles@aol.com.

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