Monthly Archives: December 2006

The Tsunami

From: Hearts across the Water  by Curt Iles   The Tsunami December 26, 2004 It was a typical sunny tropical morning along the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia’s northernmost and third largest island. Being a Muslim nation, the days around Christmas were nothing to be noticed or celebrated, especially here in the Islamic area known as “The Porch of Mecca.” Even …

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Christmas Jelly

Christmas Jelly   This story from my first book, Stories from the Creekbank, is one of the favorites of readers of all ages.   I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas -Curt Of all my Christmas memories and traditions, Christmas jelly is one of my favorites. Each year I receive this special gift from a very special lady in my …

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Catfish Lies: Straight from the Delta

“Catfish Lies” When is the truth a lie? We talk about “little white lies” and half-truths. Is there such a thing? Here is one of my favorite stories. You decide for yourself if the parties involved told the truth or a lie: American catfish farmers of the South are having a hard time economically. As is true in so many …

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