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“A Broken Record” Chap. 4 from A Spent Bullet

Author’s Notes:  This is one of my favorite chapters in A Spent Bullet.  It reveals the tension in the Reed family between a father who has personally experienced battle and an idealistic young son who yearns for war. You cannot understand the weeks leading up to Pearl Harbor without being aware of the national struggle taking place then between the …

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Words to a young writer

Samuel Marshall asked for advice on becoming a writer.  Here are the three main tips I shared: 1. Keep a journal and write in it often. 2. Read, read, read.      Good writers are always avid readers! 3. Find a writing group or club in your area or online.

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A Christmas gift to you: “Medic”

I wrote the following story for a Christmas compilation a few years ago.  It’s still one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it.  Merry Christmas,   Curt MEDIC! By Curt Iles   “Medic. Medic.” Nazi sniper Unerfeldewebel Franz Schmidt didn’t know any English, but in the case of the nearby wounded American soldier, he didn’t need to. The man’s anguished …

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Chapter 3: A Spent Bullet

Wed. December 7, 2011 Scroll down to read Chapter Three of A Spent Bullet.  It takes place on August 13, 1941. Part of the tension and hook of A Spent Bullet is that it’s set in the months/weeks leading up to Pearl Harbor. Harry, Elizabeth, Jimmy Earl, Peg, Sarge and the others don’t know what we readers know:  War in …

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