Monkey Bridges And Cell Phones

Monkey Bridges and Cell Phones

This bamboo bridge is over a creek near Liberia’s Ricks Institute School. It is nicknamed the
“Monkey Bridge.” You can see the laden residents crossing it. They were much faster than we shaky legged Americans.We were taken to the nearby villages of Massaquio and Peterstown. Our guide was Joseph Dennis, financial director for Ricks. Mr. Joseph is shown in front of the only church in the village.
He is talking on his cell phone. The Liberians really enjoyed our story of no cell phones working in “our American village of Dry Creek.” Mr. Joseph replied, “Here you can be out in the bush up a coconut tree shaking loose a coconut and your cell phone may ring.”

In the end, it is always about relationships.

No matter where you are, who you are, or what you’re doing, life’s quality is ultimately measured in our relationships. Friends, family, and fellow travelers remain long after the material “things” of life rust, fade, and disappear.

Here is Colleen Iles Glaser walking with one of her new Liberian friends.

If you’d like to read about the most important relationship in my life, click on and type in Curt Iles.

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