Liberian Grass Cutting

Liberian Grass Cutting- A lesson in Perseverance.

This video shows the Liberian method of grass cutting. It was really neat to see the skill and hard work of these men who used this cutting tool to mow literally dozens of acres at Ricks Institute. Click play button to view video
(Above right)
My grass cutter I brought home.

Click on play button to view.

Below is a video showing the process of sharpening the blade.

Ricks/Liberian friends– I apologize for not getting the name of this worker. I enjoyed visiting with him each day. E mail me his name (at and I’ll add it.

One of my current favorite words is perseverance. It’s a neat word that describes the simple act of staying with a project until it’s done.

It is the foundational word of most successful people in this world.

In Liberia, you see perseverance in action all around you. None more so than watching the grass cutters at the sprawling grounds of Ricks Institute. Each man has his specific area to keep cut and they work long hours to keep the grass down during the six month rainy season.

Amazingly, a yard cut by hand looks just as neat and even as the machine mowing we see in the U.S.

It’s how mountains are moved.
And how mountains are climbed.
It’s how books are written (and most importantly finished).

It’s an underrated trait that produces great results and changed lives.

Keeping on,

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