"A Good Place" In The Making

Our cover is being designed by Chad Smith of The Touch Studios. The painting is by my uncle, Bill Iles.

A Good Place
tentative release date November 2009

Below is a draft of our Back Cover Text. It is still “too wordy.” All suggestions and input are appreciated. What would you take out? What would you refuse to remove?

Deep in the Louisiana piney woods is a good place called “No Man’s Land.”

It’s where Mayo Moore begins his story of growing up during the turbulent years of the Civil War. Through the inspiration of his parents, the Irishman Joe Moore and his part-Indian wife, Eliza, Mayo learns that the love of a family is stronger than any storm that threatens to tear apart a family.

“Families stick together through the storm and come out stronger.”

More than a coming of age story, it’s a recounting of Joe and Eliza’s love story, as told through the eyes and heart of their oldest son, Mayo. Whether a devastating 1862 hurricane, the challenges of pioneer life, or the looming storm of the Civil War, we learn of the Moore family’s trials and strength.

“Looking back a lifetime later at the night of the hurricane, it was a memorable in another way—under the sturdy kitchen table with my family, when all we really had was each other. Now, as then, I realize that that’s enough.”
Sharing about the enduring love of his parents, this inspiring story will make you laugh, cry, and be glad to be alive. Mayo’s tales takes readers on a journey along the creeks and woods and into the hearts of memorable characters in his family as well as his eccentric neighbors.

Follow Mayo Moore into the wild and untamed piney woods of 19th century No Man’s Land—the pioneer land between the Sabine and Calcasieu Rivers.

“Daddy loved Louisiana’s clear creeks, tall trees, and the freedom it offered—and, until the day he died, called it ‘a good place to be.’”

Behind the retelling of these adventures are stories of the heart—lessons often learned through difficulty and destruction. Through this, Mayo learns of the true strength found in family, faith, and the Westport woods.

“It was a place where life was good but never easy.”

Continuing the story that thrilled the readers in The Wayfaring Stranger, Curt Iles shares more about Joe and Eliza Moore’s enduring love story A Good Place, the second book in the “Westport Series” is written in the warm, tender and humorous style loved by readers of Iles’ first six books.

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