How To Pray In October

How to pray in October

One of the best things about the Internet and social networks is how it is a great vehicle to share news and events. I want to use it this month (October 2009) to share a great prayer need in my life.

I’m scheduled to lead a revival in North Carolina from October 25-28. I’ll be with one of the greatest influences in my life, Rev. Bob Evans. He was pastor of Dry Creek Baptist Church during my formative teen years. He’s been at First Baptist Church of Granite Falls, NC for over 35 years.

As you probably know, I’m not an ordained minister but simply a man who is always ready and willing to share a word for our Lord. I always feel over matched when called on to lead a revival, but God has always shown His faithfulness.

The theme of this revival will be “Encouragement and Faithfulness.” Bro. Evans has asked me to share about my journey through depression as well as what God is teaching me in my life.

I feel led (at this point) to share about Elijah’s Cave Time in I Kings 19 (The “Ds” of Discouragement and the “R’s” of Renewal) the Role of Encouragement in the Christian family, The Compassionate Lifestyle, Finishing Strong, and whatever else God leads on.

Here’s the main focus of prayer: Last week in the Granite Falls area, a young pastor took his own life. It has brought to the forefront the subject of depression among Christians, suicide, and
many other related difficult questions.

Needless to say, I’ve realized why I’ve been called to share with this church at this time. However, I know I must have the Holy Spirit’s power in me and upon me. I cannot do it, but I do wish to be a pipe of God’s Living Water.

Always, when I share about my depression journey, God uses it to bless others. I’m thankful that the worst time of my life has been a blessing to so many others. I can honestly state, “Going through the deep valley of depression was the worst time of my life but everything God brought out of it has been good.”

As I share deeply about my journey, it always takes a great deal out of me, so I’m aware that I need to be prepared in every manner both before and after this revival.

I’m trusting my many friends and readers to pray for FBC Granite Falls, the neighboring church that has been shattered by the suicide of their pastor, and for me.

Trusting in God.
Depending on your prayers,

Curt Iles

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