A Cup of Encouragement . . . with Curt

The words of an encouraging friend are like ice water on a hot July afternoon.




Wed. March 21

My morning coffee cup is an heirloom from my great grandmother's cafe.









Where seldom is heard a discouraging word . . . 

Recently I shared a Denver taxi ride with a fellow writer.  Her speciality was using social media and blogs to impact our world.  We had a fascinating conversation and I learned a great deal from her expertise and passion.

She asked a question that has reverbrated in my brain and heart.  “Curt, what one word describes your writing.  Better yet, what one word describes you.  Who you are.  Why you write?”

Before we arrived at our destination, she’d helped me discover my word:  it’s encouragement.

My life, my writing, my words, is about encouragement.

This revelation has helped me focus more on what my written (and spoken) words about: to encourage my fellow journeymen on our shared life road.  This world throws a great deal of discouragement at all of us.  Like you, I need a good dose of good news.

Like you, I need a good cup of encouragement.

Enjoying the journey,



Come to the Creek ... where good stories flow

Cherry Winche Creek in spring

south Rapides Parish, Louisiana


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