A Day in New Orleans is better than __________________.



Let’s have a contest and some fun.

I spent yesterday in New Orleans. The rest of Louisiana has a complex love-hate relationship with our most famous city.

I’ve written about this in the past.

I’m asking readers to fill in the blank with the best word.

A Day in New Orleans is better than _____________.

You can enter by using the contact form below or emailing me at curt@creekbank.net.

We’ll take the top entries and post to Facebook for your next round of votes.

The Garden District Bookstore is one of New Orleans' best independent book sellers.
The Garden District Bookstore is one of New Orleans’ best independent book sellers.


Interior of Garden District Bookstore.
Interior of Garden District Bookstore.


The Garden District is my favorite part of New Orleans.
The Garden District is my favorite part of New Orleans.
St. Louis 1 Cemetery
St. Louis 1 Cemetery
I thought about the old-timer's calling cemetery's "The City of the Dead."
I thought about the old-timer’s calling graveyards as “The City of the Dead.”





Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.46.56 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.47.37 PM

We are (proudly) a nation of immigrants. This family hailed from Ireland, England, and Scotland.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.48.17 PM

A family of three who died together during a Yellow Fever epidemic.  Notice rose on top of vault.




Lee Circle on Carrollton Ave. Note streetcar electric cables.  New Orleans officials are wanting to remove all symbols of the Confederacy.  This would include removing General Lee from his pedestal.  What say you?




St Charles Streetcar.  If you can only do two things while in New Orleans: eat beignets and ride the St. Charles streetcar round trip from Canal.





The Louisiana (Mercedes Benz) Superdome and the Smoothie King Arena.  Who plays in each?



Finish this,  A Day in New Orleans is better than _______________.

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  1. Uncle Curt,
    When Jon and I were planning our wedding, we decided to take our honeymoon to San Antonio. We had reservations at a highly rated B&B, plus an agenda of all we wanted to see and do while we were in the area.

    Then less than two week before our wedding, Jon nearly died from a heart infection. And even though he was out of the hospital with just over 48 hours to spare before our wedding ceremony, the doctors refused to let him go that far away from home with a PICC line inserted in his arm. We were given just a two hour radius in which to travel.

    Suddenly our San Antonio honeymoon was no more. The best option out there was New Orleans. Now I love Louisiana and granted New Orleans has it’s charm, but my heart had been set on San Antonio. At first, I felt so heartbroken over giving up that San Antonio honeymoon.

    In the end, however, I decided:

    A day (or two or three) in New Orleans was infinitely better than a dead husband!

    I’m grateful we were able to take a honeymoon at all, and because of that New Orleans will forever hold a special place in my heart.

    • Wow. Paige I remember how ill Jon was at your wedding. I’m so thankful he is healthy and part of our family.


      Uncle Curt

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