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This heartwarming story is from my friend, Charlene Miller.  Enjoy!

A couple of weeks ago I went to a ladies Sunday School Class get together for supper.  After that I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things.  Walking from the van to the store I notice a young woman, standing by her car.  She was dressed nice and I told her hello and kept walking.  She called out to me and I stopped to listen to her.  She said, “I have been out here waiting for about a hour for the right person to give this to.”  I looked and she had a wad of bills folded over.  First thought was all the things you read on the Internet about things like this.  I smile and said, “Sorry but I don’t need that” and started to walk on.  She told me no this is meant for you.  I have this to give to some one and God had not instructed her to give it to any one and when she saw me she knew I was the one.  The lady said if you don’t need it maybe you are to pass it on to someone else.  I thought for a minute and knew I could do that.

So I told the young lady “Ok, but I want us to pray together, first to thank God for providing this and for his guidance in who was to get this money.”  So we held hands and prayed and I told her I would find her and let her know who got the money from the situation and me.  She said she was so at peace and so content with whom she gave it to.  Of course I completely forgot what her name was and will find her later on and tell her this story.  She is a youth minister in town.

Any way it was weird I looked down at the wad of bills and they were all $2.00 bills.  I couldn’t tell how many but it felt huge.  As I walked into Wal-Mart I was thinking “Ok, who will get this and how will I know who to give it to?”  Then I realized it is not about me it about who God wants to have it.  So I went in and would look at each person, is this the one?  Nothing!  No voice, no sap just dead silence.  Then I realized I am trying to do this on my own.  It was a constant battle to give it back to the Holy Spirit.  I saw some needy looking people and sort of went back around and nothing.   Finally I got my stuff and went home.

I shared with Allen about the lady and the gift and he was so happy, he said he was the one. LOL  Nope.  But I did count the money at last and it was $44.00 dollars in $2.00 bills and it had some little stickers on the bottom of the bill about seed money and the church’s email address.

So I put it in my purse and over the next couple of days I kept looking to see if I saw anyone that I thought was the one.  Nope, not yet.

The grandkids were on spring break and I was taking Carson the youngest for Carson Turgeon day.  That means it is his day with me alone and we were heading to Lafayette to shop, eat out at his choice of nice places to eat and head back middle of the afternoon.  Being a ex-girl scout I am always prepared and stopped off at the Jennings Travel Center to fill up the van.  I was pumping the gas and saw the older car in the next line on the other side of the gas pump and a young mother was putting two darling little kids in the back seat.  Taking lots of time to get them in safely and secure.  The young father was filling up the car and they looked like the perfect young American family.  They could have well been in the service going some place for Easter.  Then I got the message “They are the ones”, wow!  I went into the van and got the money, and told Carson, “They are the ones!”  He smiled and said Cool.

So I walked over to the young mother as she stood by the back side of the car talking with her husband.  I told them that I had been given this by someone and it wasn’t for me to keep.  That I had been waiting, praying and looking for the person that God wanted me to give it to and it was them.  I told it isn’t a lot but it was what they were to get as a gift from God.  The young mom almost started to cry and he was pretty overwhelmed and they both said that they could really use it.   So I gave it to her and said God bless you, then got into the van and left.

I felt so at peace and so smooth, not like laughing and that kind of happy, just peaceful and content.   Carson was so amazed and thankful that he got to be there when it was time for me to pass the gift on.  He knew the story and got to see it passed on.  I got to share with him my story about how the Lord has blessed my life and how I came to know him as my Lord and Savior.  So it was such a special time.

As I think of it sometimes I realize that the young lady that passed the gift to me gave me a greater gift than the money.  It taught me that I can search in a well-meaning way for people, places or things that I feel are right for what I need or what I want to give.  But in reality unless I rely on God’s direction and his Holy Spirit it is all wrong and lost.  If I can just depend on Him to guide me then there truly is peace that passes all understanding.

Well, now I really am getting sleepy and better hit the pillows but I just felt this was something you needed.  You can depend on Him, he isn’t fast about things and has some surprises in store for us but God never changes and never stops wanting our love, obedience and time.

Here, this is for you I have been waiting to pass it on to the one that God leads me to, You are the one to have this!



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  1. Sherry Perkins

    Thanks for posting this Mr. Iles and thanks to Mrs. Miller for sharing. Situations like these seem to be only found in movies or never talked about. I can only imagine the sense of dread that was lifted from the family who received the money at the gas station. We’ve all been there, with no money, no hope, and wondering how we’ll buy groceries or gas. If we do like we’re supposed to do and trust in God, He always provides. But, the anxiety and worry is human nature. What a touching and humbling story and a prime example of “good things happen to those who wait.” Beautiful!


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