Africa: Saturday Snippets: Shots, Sketches, and a Few Stories

   This week in our neck of woods of Africa



Each Saturday we enjoy looking back at our week and sharing through stories, sketches, shots, and snippets.

South Sudanese church leaders at Uganda Baptist Seminary in Jinja.

South Sudanese church leaders at Uganda Baptist Seminary in Jinja.

Heartbroken but still in love . . .

That describes how we feel about our country of South Sudan. The situation is complex, chaotic, and affectings hundreds of thousands of people.  Every man in the photo above has been adversely affected by the fighting. Two of them have been stranded for three weeks in the UN Compound in Juba.

If you or church would be willing to pray for one of these men, contact us

Scroll down for more prayer needs on South Sudan 

This is a Maribou Stork, a common bird in East Africa. I believe it's the ugliest bird I've ever seen. My son Clint claims that title belongs to the Muscovey Duck. What say you?
This is a Maribou Stork, a common bird in East Africa. I believe it’s the ugliest bird I’ve ever seen. My son Clint claims that title belongs to the Muscovey Duck. What say you?


 We enjoyed Christmas with Emma Iles (as well as her parents Terry and Sara).  This is Emma visiting with

her sheep/goat/cow herd near our house.



Please pray for the Dinka and Nuer people of South Sudan.  I read a disturbing story told by a schoolteacher.

He and a fellow teacher had attended training together and taught in the same school. When the fighting broke out in Juba, his fellow teacher picked up an AK-47 and shot a man, then turned the gun on the teacher.  He likely escaped and told a reporter,  “And all of that time, I thought we were friends.”  Pray that people will look past their tribal affiliation and reach out.

Pray for the Nuer and Dinka, especially Jesus-Followers. Pray they will follow Jesus instead of hate.

SS Map

The blue dot in map is where we’ll be next week with five Louisiana pastors.  We’ll be in NW Uganda

near the SS/DRCongo/UG border.  Thousands of refugees have poured into this area called West Nile. Pray for wisdom and safety.

The orange dots are where we still have IMB missionaries in country. Green dot is Kakuma (Kenya) Refugee Camp where many SS refugees are flooding.  Red dot is Zande Tribe area. So far it has remained calm.



Thoughts from DeDe  


“Those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

During this time of violence and uncertainty in South Sudan please pray for a displaced IMB family that had made their home in Juba.  Ask the God of Peace to bring peace to this country and to this family.  Ask especially that their children not be afraid and to help them continue in their school work and establish routines. Petition our Father to keep them healthy and give them strength as they wait upon Him.

Psalm 40:16-17 “Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; let those who love your salvation continually say, ‘The Lord is great!’ I am afflicted and needy; the Lord thinks of me.  You are my helper and my deliverer; my God, do not delay.

 Thank you for praying.  You prayed for the branch of the Dina in South Sudan and for two missionary families with young children to be able to move there. They are now in their homes.  Recently seventy-five people from this tribe were baptized.

As you know this country is in great turmoil.  Continue to lift up these new believers and these young families as they serve the God of salvation and our helper.  Pray they are constantly aware that the Lord is thinking of them, that He helps, and He delivers.

Isaiah 18:2 “Go swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth-skinned, to a people feared far and near, a powerful nation with a strange language, whose land is divided by rivers.”

 Messengers came to the nation and more had plans to come.  Then war broke out.  Pray for the IMB missionaries that serve in South Sudan.  Pray for the national pastors of may different tribes that have sacrificed and trained to reach these unreached tribes, and pray for the churches in American that are praying about engaging South Sudan which is hungry for the gospel.




  We’re serious about our work in Africa but also enjoy adventure and travel.  That’s me on the front left of raft (red helmet). Terry Iles is on right in black hat.  I can now cross “Rafting on the Nile” off my bucket list. That’s good because I won’t be doing it again. I thought I was a goner on one grade 5 spill.


Do you take a periodic soul retreat?*  I took an overnight trip to the Sesee Islands this week. The car ferry is out of service so our ride was on a crowded fishing boat. (Tell my mother I wore a lifejacket.)



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