An Encouraging Word

Thursday, July 26

Today is a Lake Charles day.  I’m speaking to the Power Ladies Lunch at Glad Tidings Assembly of God. It will be fun!


I always love how Jesus is tender but strong. He is concerned with the broken-hearted, down-trodden, hopeless, and underdog. He is for you.

Hope.  It’s such a big word.

It’s when our candle is flickering

And the tender reed of our heart bent and bruised

That hope is most needed.

It’s when Jesus always shows up.  He’s been there for me in my flickering hope moments.  He is faithful.

He doesn’t deliver us from life’s gusty winds.  He tenderly cups his strong hand over our candle and delivers us through it.


Today is a great day to begin journaling.*

Journalling or journaling are both correct.


What I’m reading:   The Hobbit   by J.R.R. Tolkien.   getting ready for the movie!

What I’m listening to:   Zac Brown Band

My Bible reading:  the M’Cheyne One Year plan

My six words:  Commitment/Passion/Mentor/Legacy/Compassion/Encouragement



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