April Fool’s Day 2004 You’ll laugh at this story!


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Happy April Fool’s Day


I love April Fool’s Day. I’m an unreformed prankster. I’ve pulled some fine pranks on April 1, and just as importantly, I’ve had a multitude of pranks on me.  Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

This is my favorite April Fool’s story.

Mister Fox


Of all the teachers I worked with, Glenda Hagan was among my favorites.

She taught her entire career at East Beauregard, where she shaped two generations of students in English and so much more.

She loved pranking but was also one of the most gullible people I’ve known.

On the April Fool’s Day of my best prank, I was assistant principal in our K-12 school.

I had my two unindicted co-conspirators, Carolyn and Bonnie, call her during her planning period.

“Mrs. Hagan, you have a call at the office.”

I peeked from behind my office door when she came in.

Carolyn handed her the slip I’d carefully prepared:



(318) 441-6810.


Glenda held up the note.“Who is Mr. Fox?”

Carolyn shrugged as Bonnie stuck her head around the door.

Glenda held the slip to the light, “I don’t know any Mr. Fox in Alexandria?”

Carolyn and Bonnie just looked at each other.

Finally, Glenda Hagan dutifully picked up the phone and dialed (318) 441-6810.

A cheerful voice answered, “Good morning, Alexandria Zoo.”

Glenda Hagan paused. “Uh, I have  a note to call Mr.Fox.”


There was a long silence. “Ma’am, this is the Alexandria Zoo. I believe you’ve been pranked.”

Glenda Hagan slammed down the phone, walked into the hallway, and yelled,  “CURT ILES, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU.”

Evidently, she had a good idea who was behind the prank.

She was a good sport about it but wagged a finger in my face.  “Just remember: I will get you back.”

And she was true to her word. Over the next several years, I fell victim to many of her revenge-pranks.

When she’d stick the needle in, she’d say, “Remember Mr. Fox.”


Happy April Fool’s Day, Glenda. I cherish my years of working with you and being your friend.


By the way, (318) 441-6810 is the actual Alexandria Zoo number. If you call today, ask for a list of the animal calls they’ve received.


Happy April Fool’s Day




Curt Iles


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