Blog Post #1298: How Missouri got her Waterproof Bible

We believe that every journey has a story, and every story involves a journey.


Curt’s famous Duct Tape Waterproof Bible. Scroll down to read about how Missouri Cotton got hers.











                             Today’s Proverb (Chapter 26 for Sept 26) from my waterproof Bible.  Verses 4 and 5 seem like a paradox.

   .            It sums up the situation between our President/National leaders and the North Korean dictator.

                                                                            My humble advice:  speak softly, carry a big stick, and keep your powder dry.

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Blog Post # 1298

Wow. It’s become a favorite word of mine.

It goes along with my tripod statement:

  1. Stay Curious.
  2. Be Amazed.
  3. Listen and Tell Remarkable Stories.

The best stories come from others, and I simply pass them on.

Some percolate in my brain and find their way to the page or computer screen.

Today marks the 1298th blog post we’ve shared since about 2002.

They have one thing in common: they’re stories. Some are told with words. Others with images and even sketches.

More than ever, I’m a believer in Anthony DeMello’s adage,

“The closest distance between the truth and a human heart is a story.”

I’m amazed at how the right story, told in the right way, can bring a man to tears or cause a dignified lady to burst out cackling.


Today, I want to share how Missouri Cotton, the narrator and heroine of As the Crow Flies, got her waterproof Bible,  and why she always keeps it close.

This following excerpt is taken from Chapter 8:

The Irishman nodded at my Bible. “It’s in bad a shape… What happened?”

“It got tossed out in the rain one night.”

He picked up the Bible. Its pages had been stuck together due to being waterlogged. The ink hadn’t run but pulling the pages apart had made some passages illegible. The Irishman scowled . . . “How’d this happen?”

“My Pap’s bad to drink. One night he got upset at me over some little nothing and in a fit tossed my books out of the wagon. It was raining a log-floater and he said he’d thrash me if I retrieved them. You can see the result.”

“Your own father did this?”

“Yes sir. I guess he knew where to hit where it hurt. As soon as he passed out, I got the books.  Took a week to dry the pages, pull them apart, and work on my smudged hand-written notes.”

I held up the Bible. “I now call it my waterproof Bible. It weathered the storm pretty well. That’s why I carry …  in this canvas sack for protection. Another time, Pap tore own four pages of Revelation to start a fire.”

“The more I hear about your father, the less I like him.”

With that, we both went to work getting the store ready for business.


*  *  *


As I left the store that afternoon, the Irishman stood in the doorway, “Remember, don’t stumble—”

I finished the sentence. “Over anything behind me.”

“And if you stumble, let it be something in front—”

I hesitated before finishing my part, “And don’t forget to get up, and keep your powder dry as well as your books.”


You can read the entire chapter,  “A Birthday Promise”.  

  It’s password protected. Enter the word: waterproof.  There’s a special reward for classroom students.


You can learn more about As the Crow Flies at


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