Buying Truth and the Lifelong Learner

Buying Truth

“Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.”

Proverbs 23:23


Today’s takeaway: The lifelong learner puts effort, time, and money into the pursuit of growth and knowledge.


I’ve always believed that everyone, especially leaders, should be lifelong learners.

I call it “L.L.L.”

Life Long Learner

You don’t need to head a large organization or entity to be a leader. 

Every person is a leader in some aspect of their lives, and everyone should be a lifelong learner.

It doesn’t cost one cent to learn about leadership. There are books in your library, willing mentors and endless free online resources.

But I believe If you’re serious about growing as a leader, you’ll take the next step.

You’ll put some skin in the game.

Invest in yourself.

Buy books, audiobooks, online courses, attend conferences, travel to meet leaders, and make connections wherever possible.

In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

If you want to grow, go.

If you want to lead, read.


As a young basketball coach, I was amazed at how willing successful coaches were to share their wisdom, even if they were competitors. They’d talk openly about their 1-3-1 zone trap, four-corner offense, or man-to-man defensive rules. 

I once heard Joe B. Hall, Kentucky’s longtime basketball coach, tell this story:

“I heard about an older coach way up in the Kentucky mountains who was famed for his tough man-to-man defense. I traveled up to learn how he taught his defense.

He laughed at my inquiry, ‘Coach Hall, we just tell them to hunker down and get after their ass.’”


That’s not quite how I’d say it, but you get the point.  We can learn from others who excel at what they do.

I’ve always believed in conferences. The atmosphere of collegiality and warmth at a meeting of others in your field is invaluable encouragement.

. Not only can you glean from successful leaders in your field, but the opportunity to network and make new friends is invaluable.

As a writer, I’ve always believed attending an out-of-town conference is worth the investment of your time and money.

You don’t have to travel to be a Lifelong Learner.

Another leader told me how when he wanted to meet with a busy, successful C.E.O., he’d get on his schedule for lunch. He’d pick his brain over tender steak and crawfish beignets during lunch at a nice restaurant.

Sounds like a profitable investment to me.

Finally, there are tools available today that didn’t exist when I was a young leader.  Google, Amazon,  and free online courses are available.

Today’s takeaway: The lifelong learner puts effort, time, and money into the pursuit of growth and knowledge.


Get out there and keep learning, fellow L.L.L.!





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