Curt@60: It’s Hurricane Season and my birthday.


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A Word from Curt: Gratitude

One of my 6+ Words* for 2016 is Gratitude.  What a wonderful word. My deepest desire is living the gratitude-filled life.  It’s hard to be cynical, bitter, or complacent when we view everything (and everyone) through the lens of gratitude.

Lord, you’ve given me so much. I ask for one more thing: a heart of gratitude. Amen. 

Curt@60: The Shortest Road to London.
June 1. Today is the first day of hurricane season.
It’s also my 60th birthday.
I’ve been thinking about this story:  
Many years ago, the London Times held a contest.  The rules of this contest were relatively simple.  The winner would be the person who could fill in the following sentence with the best ending: The shortest road to London is _____________.             Many creative ideas were sent in.  However, the winning entry was both simple and deeply profound.  Here is what the insightful winner of this contest wrote:
                                    The shortest way to London is with good company.
How true it is that any journey is a pleasure while traveling with good friends.  This is especially true in the journey of life.
I have several thoughts rolling in my mind on this day of turning 60:
1. As stated earlier, I’m overwhelmed with Gratitude for all of the gifts I’ve been given. I’m thankful, just not thankful enough. I want gratitude to be my default response to life.
2.  We are all called to be Encouragers. There’s a thousand ways to be encouraging including words, deeds, smiles, affirmations, correction, notes, and stories.  Encouragement is one of the greatest needs of the 21st century.
3.  What we achieve is not near as important as who we become.
4.  To leave a legacy, we must live with integrity.
5.  Legacy is about L.T.W.B.T.Y.G.I.       Leave this world better than you got it.
6.  The LLL life is the best road.   Life Long Learning!
7.  The shortest road to London  is with good company.  Relationships rule!
8.  We should develop traditions, rituals, and customs to pass on to our children and grandchildren. We cook birthday donuts (from canned biscuits) on birthday mornings.  It’s a simple but beloved tradition in the Iles clan.
Life is good and life is amazing.
Life is good and life is amazing.

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