“Dignity” Ch. 35 from Trampled Grass






                                                                      Dignity: The artistry of a cleanly swept yard.



A word from Curt


A good word.

A respectful word.

When we help the vulnerable, we should always seek to respect their dignity.

These are real people with real problems.

See for yourself in the images below.


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I love words.

But a picture can be worth a thousand words.

Sometimes ten thousand.

These six photos say more than I could ever write.

Take your time and study them.

They represent the quiet dignity we find in northern Uganda.


Whether it’s a weathered visage . . . smiling face . . .


The faces of Africa are unforgettable


. . . or a new high rise chicken coop.


  High-rise chicken house near Koboko, Uganda


The delight of a decorated refugee hut . . .


 Decorated refugee hut Adologo Camp West Nile District Uganda


. . . or planted flowers.



  Do you know the name of this beautiful flower?



My favorite "Dignity" photo: planting flowers in the desert.
My favorite “Dignity” photo: planting flowers in the desert.


It speaks of the dignity of the human soul.

Every soul has a face.

A story.

A story worth seeing

A story worth telling.


It is so true!

It is so true!
It is so true!



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