Discussion questions from A Good Place

Discussion questions for A Good Place by Curt Iles

Below are discussion questions from chapters 1 and 19 of my latest novel, A Good Place.   Help us by submitting your discussion topics for each chapter.

This reader’s guide is to facilitate discussion by book clubs, individuals of all ages, and school groups. A Good Place is being enjoyed by readers of all ages and backgrounds.   A father called last night telling of how his family of six reads a chapter nightly and discusses it.

The book has also been very popular in schools and libraries.  We are very proud and thankful to God for the reception A Good Place is receiving among readers.


Your input on more discussion questions is appreciated.  Contact us at curtiles@aol.com or http://www.creekbank.net with you questions.

Get your copy of A Good Place at http://www.creekbank.net
Get your copy of A Good Place at http://www.creekbank.net

Chapter 1            The Storm

1. How would a 19th century hurricane differ from our present day?

2.  What storms have you been in that “shook your world”?


In your life:

3.  What is symbolic about Mayo’s family riding out the hurricane under their sturdy kitchen table?

4.  Describe what you learn in chapter 1 about the relationship between Mayo and his dog Bo.

5.  There were omens of the coming storm that Mayo’s family missed. What were they?

What are familiar weather omens you are aware of?

6.  People of western Louisiana have always used colorful sayings.  What did Mayo’s mother, Elizabeth, mean when she said,  “…this house was built ‘horse high, bull tough, and pig tight.’?”

7.  What are common original sayings from your culture?

8.  The theme of A Good Place is “Families sticks together in the storm and come out stronger.”

How do you see the foundation of the book’s theme played out in chapter 1?

19th century log rafters on the Calcasieu

Chapter 19 The Raft Trip

1. Why would the idea of a log raft trip down the river appeal to a 12 year old boy in 1862?

2.  What were some of the unknowns of this trip for the men?

3.  What was Mayo’s plan to join the trip?

4.  How did the rafters use the long rope on the river?

5.  How do you think Mayo felt as he revealed his presence on the sandbar?

6.  What does it mean “to count the cost” ahead of time?

7.  What cost had Mayo counted in making his decision?

8.  Why did Dan give Mayo the nickname  “Columbus?”

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