From the Edge of the Swamp

Game 7

I’ve always loved the seventh game of the playoffs.  Whether it’s the NHL or NBA I like to watch a winner-take-all game when it’s all on the line.

The Cardinals and Rangers are playing in the final game of this World Series. Last night’s Game 6 was a classic.  Twice the Rangers were within one strike of the Series win but the Cardinals wouldn’t quit and finally won 10-9 in the 11th inning.

I’m in Baton Rouge. Yesterday as I drove by Hooter’s (I said “drove by”)  I laughed at one of my favorite baseball stories.  All three of our boys loved baseball and played from T-ball through high school.  DeDe and I really enjoyed our sports years with them.

When our youngest son Terry was 12, his summer all star team went far in the playoffs.  Their coach gathered the boys before an elimination game and loudly announced,  “Boys, if you win tonight, I’m taking the entire team to Hooter’s.”   DeDe looked at me in amazement and I nearly choked.

You’d have to know super-serious Terry Iles to really appreciate the story.  I don’t believe you could have dragged this future Baptist minister into Hooter’s.

It didn’t matter.

The team lost.

The season was over.

No trip to Hooter’s for the pre-adolescent boys.

Someone’s going to win the World Series tonight.  I wonder if they’re going to Disney, Hooter’s, or Home.

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