From Third Base: A Good View

Curt Leaning Against Fireplace at Old House
“I’m from an out-of-the-way place and I write about living an ‘Out-of-the-way Life'”.
Curt at The Old House. Dry Creek, Louisiana

“Rounding third, headed for home.

It’s a brown-eyed handsome man.”


John Fogerty


A Word from Curt

My Keyword* for 2016 is Encouragement.

It’s one of my 6 Plus Words** for the year.

One of the richest seasons of my life was coaching high school baseball.

I’ve always felt at home in the third base coach’s box.

It’s the best spot on the field.

You can see it all from there and be directly involved in the game.

I viewed the coach’s box as a place of encouragement.  Giving signs (my EBHS players always made fun of my signals. Where’s Bug Hester?) as

well as talking with the hitter at the plate and baserunners.

Making sure the runners on second and third knew the count, out, and situations.

When the ball is put into play is when the third base coach comes into play.  Your decisions will affect the game.  It’s an opportunity.  A challenge. There’s no lonelier spot than when you get a runner thrown out at home or (equally tough) holding up a runner who could’ve made it.

There’s nothing quite like waving runners around third on an extra bases hit.  Down the baseline, down on one knee, waving my arm like a windmill. Feeling the breeze as the runner makes his tight turn.

That’s encouragement.

But encouragement at third base can also mean exhortation.  That’s the Bible word that is a first cousin to encouragement.

I see exhortation as warning or getting in the way to avert a disaster.

Many times in a baseball game, there’s a split second to make the call on sending or holding the runner.

The decision to get in their way and throw up the stop sign.

Stop. Don’t go.

Both windmills and stops signs serve as encouragement.




* A personal keyword is the word that best defines your life, goals, and heart for now.

** My 6 Plus Words are the heart words that are currently shaping my life. This evolving list keeps my eye on the ball and my feet on the ground. My current words are:


My JesusHeart


Influence and Impact


LLL  “Life Long Learning”



I’ll be writing about each of these in the coming weeks.


What would be your Keyword for this year?

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