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Going to Dinka Country

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    The Dinka Cattle Culture is a key part of South Sudan.

The Dinka are best known for their great love of their cattle. We’re looking for some Southern Jesus-loving Cattlemen to come over and share the Gospel with them!


How you can pray this week.

I will be travelling with four young men who are moving up into South Sudan among the Dinka People Group. Everyone we go in South Sudan and Uganda, folks say,  “Stay away from those Dinka.  They’re hostile.”

These cattle-keepers have a reputation for their tenacity and violence.

But we already love them.

I’m sure the Dinka will tell us,  “Stay away from those Southern tribes.  They’re hostile.”

As our internet connections allow, we’ll keep you posted on our four plus day journey from southern Uganda to Dinka country.

How you can pray for the Dinka:How you can pray for the Dinka

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Ethnic Map of South Sudan. Note how many Dinka tribes and clans there are.
Ethnic Map of South Sudan. Note how many Dinka tribes and clans there are.


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