Gonna lay down my burden . . .

Carrying your burden


Tea Field Carved Rocks  Tigoni, Kenya
Tea Field Carved Rocks Tigoni, Kenya

Not everyone can be trusted with a burden. Can you?

This is probably the first (and maybe last ) devotional thought ever written to mention ZZ Top and a scripture together.

It’s about burdens and the heavy weight of carrying them.

The Bible, in Peter’s first letter encourages us to “cast our every care on Him, because he cares for you.”

What a neat verse with a beautiful play on words in the English language.  Some of you Greek scholars, how is that verse phrased in the original languages.

Oh yes, I promised ZZ Top.

About two decades ago, a group of Dry Creek guys went to Lafayette to see ZZ Top in concert.  Their guitarist, Billy Gibbons,  has always been one of my favorite players.  I’m always amazed at how a three-piece band can sound that full.

Midways, through the concert, Gibbons turned toward stage right and said,  “Bring my burden out here.”

A guitar tech brought out another guitar. I turned to my guitar-playing buddy, Ed Shirley.  “Why’d he say, ‘bring my burden out here?”

Ed smiled. “They brought out a Gibson guitar.  It’s a lot heavier than his Fender.”

I learned something that night, nearly twenty years ago about guitars.

For some strange reason, I still think about Billy Gibbons when a speaker talks about the burdens of life and what the Scriptures say.

Hey,  Billy Gibbons, wherever you are., you can still lay your burden down (and I’m not talking about your Gibson).

I’m referring to the heavy emptiness that lurks in your soul.

Tell your bandmates,  Dusty Joe Hill and Frank Beard, the invitation to lay your burdens at the feet of Jesus is still open.  It’s never too late.

P.S. My good friend in Port Neches, Danny Woodall,  has a story about ZZ Top (just before they gained fame in the early 1970’s) playing at the prom for one of the Port Arthur area high schools.   Anyone know the facts?



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  1. Give DeDe a nudge (and of course a hug) and persuade her to write again in her Blog. I miss her!
    Always, Linda

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