A Good Laugh: The US 165 Billboard

I travel US 165 daily in and out of Alexandria.

The following billboard (facing southbound traffic Hwy 165) continues to be a source of plenty of conversation.


The small towns up and down US 165 South are infamous for their speed traps.  Evidently, Joey Hopewell had had enough and paid for this billboard.

What is your favorite US 165 Speed Trap story?   

One favorite:  A few years ago the Kinder Yellow Jackets football team had a road playoff game in Springhill, which is on the Arkansas border.  Posters and banners were placed along US 165 north of Kinder.  They included:

Go Jackets!

Beat Springhill!

Good Luck, Yellow Jackets

Go Boys! Win!

The final red-lettered sign written large enough to not be ignored read:

“Don’t forget to slow down in Woodworth.”

It’s still good advice.

Your stories are welcome.

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