A Good Word: Resilience

In this week’s story letter:
1. A word called Resilience.
2. Free Download of “My Grandpas’ Boots.”
3. Christmas Sale: all 12 of our books for $100.
4. Filling your stockings with Christmas Jelly.
5.  Photos of “A Day at The Old House.”


A word for December.

It’s Resilence.
It’s a good word.  It’s about the quality of bouncing back.
If you fall down seven times, get up eight times.
Our free download story,  My Grandpas’ Boots, is a story about the resilience of two men during a tough time in Louisiana.

In my writing, I seem drawn to characters who have the quality of resilience. This is reflected in My Writing World View:

  • Life is a spiritual journey.
  • The road is often difficult, but you are never alone.
  • Growth is necessary, not optional.
  • Adversity happens.  You can become bitter or better.
  • In the end, it’s always about relationships.
  • Nature is a gracious teacher.

My Grandpas' Boots Download

A reader’s favorite short story from Christmas Jelly is “My Grandpas’ Boots.”

We invite you to download the entire story here and share it with your friends. It’s a good reminder that Christmas is about giving and the right gift can overcome any barrier.

A Special Christmas Gift

We’re featuring a gift package for the Holidays.  You can purchase all twelve of our Creekbank books for $100 plus $10 shipping. We’ll even send an invoice with your order.   Learn more here. 

Covers of 12 Creekbank Books

Stocking Stuffers: Christmas Jelly

'Christmas Jelly' by Curt Iles

It’s always a thrill to hear from readers who’ve enjoyed Christmas Jelly, our holiday book celebrating Christmas in the woods.  Features additional stories for “Bah Humbug”* week.    We’re selling Christmas Jelly for $10.00 each plus discounted price on any order of 10 copies or more  Learn more here. 

* Bah Humbug week is the infamous week after Christmas.

  A Day at The Old House

It’s the place where I find the best ideas.
It’s also where my roots are deepest.
We call it The Old House,
And it’s a part of me wherever I go.

Pine Kindling
The best fires always begin with pine kindling.

Smoke from the Double Chimney

The Old House has a double fireplace.

A Warm Fire

There’s something about a good fire on a cold day.

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