Heartbroken . . . but still in Love

We’re sharing information on our country of South Sudan.
Although we live in Entebbe, Uganda, South Sudan is our assigned country.  We were due to move there next month, but the current fighting has put that on hold.
We are truly heartbroken at what is happening with the country but still desperately in love with the people there.   We’re informing our friends how to pray for South Sudan.
SS Map
The Blue dot represents the heart of Kakwa country. The Kakwa live in Uganda/DR Congo/South Sudan.  We will be working in and around the town of Koboko.  There are presently over 4000 refugees
(mainly Dinka) in Koboko.  Additionally, numerous Kakwa from nearby DR Congo have sought refuge there.
In mid-January, five Beauregard Baptist Pastors will be working with Pastor Mark Vukoni and Koboko Baptist Church.  We will be sharing Gospel stories with local residents as well as refugees.   There are also two Secondary Boarding Schools in Koboko that house hundreds of South Sudanese students.
Black dot: DeDe and I live in Entebbe, Uganda on Lake Victoria. Along the lake are three key cities:  Entebbe (two airports) Kampala (the capital) and Jinja (home of Uganda Baptist Seminary.)
The Orange dots represent the regions where there are presently IMB personnel.  Two families (Lane’s and Jeremiadoss) are in the northern Dinka country and are seeing many come to Jesus. The lower orange dot is the location of the Lewis family (Beaumont natives) working among the Taposa.
The Red dot designates one of our key tribe,  the Zande.  So far their district of Western Equatoria has remained peaceful.  Pray for the Zande.
Finally, the Green dot represents the large refugee camp at Kakuma, Kenya.  It has dozens of tribes including many South Sudanese who’ve fled the fighting.
We feel that the border areas/refugee camps will be an integral part of Chadan* Cluster’s focus early in 2014.
Want to know more?
Curt and DeDe Iles     http://www.creekbank.net    creekbank.stories@gmail.com
*Chadan is the International Mission Board’s cluster that includes South Sudan and the southern part of
People are unreached for a reason. They're in difficult places with difficult conditions.
People are unreached for a reason. They’re in difficult places with difficult conditions.


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