Holding the Rope: Sunday, 28 June 2015

When you pray for our needs, you are holding the rope.
When you pray for our needs, you are holding the rope.

So many of you promised to pray when we left for Africa in January 2013.

You’ve been so faithful and we thank God for each of you. (Phil. 1:3).

Here is a short list of our prayer needs.

It’s a short list full of big needs.  Thankfully, we serve a God who is big enough.

Due to my ongoing dysentery,  DeDe and I will travel to the U.S. this week.  Our East African medical team has recommended this and we are (sadly) in agreement.

  • Please pray for traveling mercies and placement with the right doctors/hospital for correct diagnosis.

I call the bug I’ve got  “Smaug”* and I’m ready to get rid of him.

Since our three-year term ends in October,  our company will not send us back to Africa.  This is very bittersweet.  There is so much we’d planned in these last three months.

  • Pray for our team  (Kevin, Justin, Edward, and others) who will continue on to South Sudan this week.  This is a strategic trip for the Kingdom.  Pray for them!  I’m excited about how God is going to work.
  • Pray for an upcoming trip to Chad.  Jeremy and JD will be putting boots on the ground to see how we can be involved in this strategic difficult country.  As August nears, we’ll keep you posted.
  • Lift DeDe up.  She has stood strongly during both May and June.
  • Pray for our many African friends and co-workers.  We’ll not be able to say goodbye personally. Goodbyes (and Greetings) are so important in this relationship-based culture. Pray that they’ll understand.

We’ll be in touch this week with more info and news.





* Smaug is the fire-belching dragon in The Hobbit.


I found this chameleon in a bush this week.  He's not a dragon but a second cousin once removed.
I found this chameleon in a bush this week. He’s not a dragon but a second cousin once removed.





  1. Curt and DeDe, I read your posting with a heavy heart for you. I know your leaving is bittersweet, but we will continue to pray for your health, right doctors, and the unfolding of God’s plan.

    Safe travels!

  2. Through tears I write….as I pray for you both. I’ve prayed for removal of ‘smaug’ and any despair that might try to choke out the joy of the Lord which is your strength! His answer is always the perfect one. As you come back to the states (i don’t say home…cause i’m totally convinced nowhere in this world is truly home….) I now pray that God surprises you with His perfect peace as He brings the healing you need to continue serving and loving on His people. many hugs of love and prayers to you and beautiful DeDe.

    • Wow. Angie, any words you share go straight to my heart.
      Thank you for your encouragement. There is no one I love and respect better than Don and you.



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