Holding the Rope: the knot is tight

Juba to Doro to Bor
Juba to Doro to Bor


Thanks to all of you holding the rope in prayer for DeDe and I.

I especially thank you for the notes and prayers of the last few days.

My African Bug (I don’t know what else to call it) is still with me.

However, we’ve seen God work today through laying all of the foundation in place for this week’s trip to Juba and the IDP Camps of South Sudan.

I won’t be going.

I’m sad.

But the team will go and do Kingdom work.

And that’s a lot bigger than whether Curt is there or not.

Will you pray for Kevin and Justin Rodgers, Edward Dima, and a host of others who’ll be seeking and sharing God’s vision on reaching the least reached in war-torn South Sudan.

As disappointed as I am at not being there, I’m thrilled at the trip moving forward.

That is an answer to your prayers!

Keep holding the rope.

We’ll keep you posted on our situation as well as the South Sudan trip.



Curt Iles


It's never about us. It's about the Gospel getting to the least reached!
It’s never about us. It’s about the Gospel getting to the least reached!








  1. Curt I am so thankful and previleged to hold the rope for DeDe and you .my prayer for you has been for supernatural healing if not in your body then in vision for the team to continue on the mission even if you cannot,and to bring awesome peace to you in your disappointment. I believe my prayer was answered .Our God is N Awesome God He Reigns

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