I’d Rather Fight a Bear: Porn

Holding a baby in a Congolese worship service.
Holding a baby in a Congolese worship service.

A Word from Curt


It’s a word a man must know if he’s going to win in life.

I’m not talking about fists or knives.

I’m referring to the soul.

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We’re all familiar with the adage, “I’d rather fight a bear.”

After watching that grizzly bear tear up Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) in The Revenant, I’m not sure there’s anything I’d dread more.

A man against a grizz was vastly out gunned in the early nineteenth century.

Experts view DiCaprio as the favorite to win Best Actor for his role as a guide/outdoorsman/man left for dead in winter in the Rockies.

If he wins best actor, the bear should get best supporting actor. He is big, brutal, and I haven’t got him out of my mind.

Several nights ago, I popped my wife DeDe in my sleep. I suspect I was fighting off that bear.

Now, I’m not recommending The Revenant. It is a stunning movie, but its brutality and violence was nearly too much. You’ve been warned.

This morning (Friday) I attended The Quest, a men’s study group at Calvary Baptist Church in Alexandria, Louisiana.

We’re meeting for eight weeks on the subject of moral purity, specifically the perils of pornography.

It’s the number one issue facing men of every age and is a severe problem for Jesus-following men.

As we discussed this pornographic veil of darkness covering our nation and world, I thought about that grizzly bear.

Once again, I’m reminded that we men (and women) are outgunned on fighting pornography.

If we try to fight it alone.

The bear of moral impurity and pornography will eat you alive if you attack it alone.

You need help.

The greatest help is in a relationship with Jesus Christ, whom I follow as the living unique Son of God.


He is the God-Man.

100% God and all-powerful. No limits.

100% man as he came to this earth. He faced temptation and sin.

He battled the same sexual thoughts and challenges we do.  He famously taught that to even look at a woman with lust is the equivalent of actually committing adultery with her.

Wow. That’s a high standard.  Only this Jesus can help me maintain moral and sexual purity.

You cannot fight the bear alone.

"Pamoja" means together. What a good word. Curt with Sudanese friend, Michael.
“Pamoja” means together. What a good word. Curt with Sudanese friend, Michael.

I also firmly believe every man (my perspective) needs another man or small circle of men to maintain purity.

Someone you trust who will listen, be confidential, transparent, and compassionate.

Don’t fight the bear alone.

Each Friday I’ll share about our group’s journey as bear fighters.

If you’re a man in Cenla, you can join our group next Friday. Learn more at @thequest (Twitter) or questcalvary (Facebook).


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