Just ’cause a dog can whip a skunk . . .”

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Key Concepts:

1. We choose daily how we will react to people and situations.

2. The wise person makes careful choices on what to confront or ignore.


It’s true.  A good cur dog can whip a skunk any day of the week.

However, a smart cur dog won’t.

Can a three-legged basset hound whip a skunk? Ask "Flapper" Iles, Dry Creek's traveling dog.

It’s simple: you can win the fight and still lose.  I’ve seen dogs carry the scent of skunk for weeks and wallow in dust, mud, and cow manure trying to get rid of it.   If that dog could talk, I believe he’d say,  “I won but it wasn’t worth it.”

Conversely, if a fellow wants to he can get in a fistfight everyday.

There’s folks out there who’ll be glad to join you.

We make a choice daily.  All day long.  Will we get along with others or will we carry a chip on our soul.  (Or is it shoulder? or can it be both?)

I’ve always loved this line from a Jerry Jeff Walker song,

“He was the kind

To pay no mind

When he was bumped into.”

(“The Stranger: He was the Kind”   ‘Viva Terlingua’ album)

We make a choice on how’ll we react to the person who bumps into us (or cuts us off in traffic or blares their horn then gives the one half peace sign).  It’s a choice.

We must choose which mountains to die on.  And honestly many mountains we make last stands on aren’t worth the price.

We must decide what we’re willing to shed blood over.  Some epic causes and ideas are worth the blood.  Others aren’t.

Success, happiness, and purpose in life are tied up on wise decisions on the right battles.

Prayer for today

“Lord, as Saint Francis said,  ‘Make me an instrument of your peace.’  Now, I know myself and I’m prone to be prickly, defensive, and touchy.  Remove that from my heart.  Help me keep my eyes on you Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  If anyone ever knew what hill to die on, it was you. 

You wisely walked away from some fights but stood tall and steadfast on the one(s) that counted.

Teach me, Jesus.  I want to stand strong in you.

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