Late night May 13

It don’t get no better than this.”

It’s not good grammar, but it’s a good statement.

It’s right at dark.  Just a little after 8 PM.  I’m sitting on an upturned five gallon bucket, iPhone in hand, listening for a whip poor will.

He starts his non-stop song and I creep up on him and record his repeated call for two minutes.

He’s given me a gift.  I receive it in the joy he sings.

Thank you God for the little gifts that are big in our lives.

Yep, it don’t get better than this.

I’m grateful.


  1. Faliku S. Dukuly

    Hello Mr.Iles, I am Faliku from Ricks Institute Virginia, Liberia. How are you doing along with your family? I miss you allot. Can you please help me explain what you mean by (You can stand by the same river twice). Your stories are very good stories that can inspired people.I hope you will sheared some with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Carolyn Gresham

    One of my favorite memories as a kid was sitting my granny’s porch and hearing the Bobwhites call out their own name “Bob White, Bob White.”

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