Mon. May 10 Notes on "Platform-Building."

I spoke last Saturday to a wonderful group of writers at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Ready Writers Group.  My assigned topic was “platform.”   This is the term writers use for getting the word out about their writing and books.

My major platform is speaking.  I speak 2-3 time weekly to groups of every size and background.  The following are thoughts I shared with the DFW group.

Words in all CAPS are the fill-in-the-blanks from the handout.

Making the Most of Opportunity—Building a Speaking Platform

Curt Iles             DFW Ready Writers   May 8, 2010

1.  An expert is anyone who is over 100 MILES from HOME carrying a BRIEFCASE.

i.e.  We’re fellow LEARNERS/fellow STRUGGLERS.

2. Regardless of our genre or background, we are all STORYTELLERS.

3.  How/When/Where we tell our stories is our PLATFORM.

4.  Your BRAND is who you are on your platform and in your writing.

5.   The “3 I” words:  As INSPIRATIONAL writers, we’re concerned with IMPACT and INFLUENCE.

6. Our platform is simply how far and deep our RIPPLE EFFECT goes.

7. Brainstorming about building your speaking platform.

b. “Help! I’m SHY.”     Do this: TALK about what you LOVE.

c.  Whom can I speak to?


Home schoolers


Church groups

Civic Clubs


Genre friendly groups

Book Clubs



“Out of the Box” Outreach

Curt Iles’ promise to the DFW Ready Writers:
1. Finish within the one-hour time limit.
2. Not bore you.
3. Share practical tips.
4. Teach from a “fellow learner” attitude.
5. Have fun and share stories from the craft of platform building.

Curt Iles
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