Wed. Nov. Nov. 30: He’p Me!

I’ve been thinking about the famous “He’p Me” speech by former La. governor, John McKeithen.

“I wasn’t born to material wealth, nor do I have claim to an aristocratic name. But if I am elected governor, it will prove that any mother’s son can aspire to the highest political office of this state. I’ve come this far because you the people have given me your support – with all the professional politicians, power brokers and big money people fighting me every step of the way. Because I owe you so much, you can be assured when I raise my hand to take the oath of office as Governor of Louisiana, there will be a prayer in my heart that God will always guide me to do what is best for the state and all the people in it. We’ll win this race, but I need your help. Won’t you he’p me?”

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”  -Frederick Douglass

It’s human nature: we want, even prefer, any easy path.

We’ll walk a mile out of the way to avoid a hard road or difficult climb.

Struggle . . . then Progress
Struggle . . . then Progress.

But the truth is, we need those struggles.

Those times of trial and tension.

We can never become who we’re called to be without them.

Recently, I’ve completed a 400 point questionnaire on my health.  It was something else.  During the course of it, I honestly shared about my history with depression and mental health.  I summed up this section of the questions with this statement,   “Going through deep clinical depression was the worst thing that ever happened to me.  However, every single thing that has come out of that dark time has been good.

Struggle, then progress. These two friends travel hand in hand.   Struggle leads progress but you can always recognize progress, he’s the larger of the two.

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