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My Life Plan for 2012: A Summary

“If it’s in your head, it’s simply a dream; when you write it down, it becomes a goal.”  -Emmitt Smith



My current life plan consists of "10 bowling pins."


 Ten Pins:   Life Plan for 2012


1. The Foundation

Life verse:

Life statement:

Jesus’ Life statement:


6 Words for 2012:  Focused/Balanced/Prayer/Hospitality/Missional/Commitment


2.   My wife DeDe


3. Taking care of _________.   

“I must take care of __________ so I can take care of _________________.”

Jesus was balanced:

Luke 2:52






4. My Family

My PawPaw List:


5. My Friends

Who is m_________________ me and whom am I m____________?

Who is on my personal board of directors?

Who am I accountable to?


6. My Work    The I words: I_______&  I _________





7. Missional Living

Acts 1:8 Living:






8. My Church

Mission statement of my church:  ‘Bringing glory to God by making disciples who t__________ Christ and make Him known to _________________.”


9.   Finances    “Stewardship”


10.  My Legacy

What will you remembered for when it’s all said and done?

What’s on your bucket list?

Writing your own O___________.




Michael Hyatt   “Life Plan”

EntreLeadership    Dave Ramsey

Getting Things Done    David Allen

John Piper  “Accountability”

Curt Iles

My Life Plan:

About Curt Iles

I write to have influence and impact through well-told stories of my Louisiana and African sojourn.

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