Sat. June 26

4 reasons why I love summer country nights:

Cricket concerts:  Our home is surrounded by trees, and the crickets love to sing in them nightly.

Frog Pond Stereo: We live between two ponds. The frogs set up a chorus on hot summer nights.  Blends well with the crickets.

The North Star:  All things in the world are in order; the Big Dipper still points to the North Star.

The moon rising behind a stand of longleaf pines.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

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  1. As a dad of young kids I have to add “lightning bugs” (fire flies) to the list. This was the first year that we’ve had them in abundance AND the kids were fascinated with them.

    The boys collected them in a lemonade bottle and let them glow overnight in their room. Our oldest (6) is very sensitive to all creatures so he made sure we released them all, one at a time, in the morning! (His 4-yr-old brother would have been happy to smash them one at a time!)

    It was a great father/kids first time experience.

    Do y’all have them in SW Louisiana? Do they have a different name there?

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