Sat. May 15 A Ft. Worth Mystery

The Southwestern Lady making her afternoon visit.

For nearly four years I’ve visited Clay and Robin Iles in Ft. Worth, TX.  Clay, our oldest son,  is a student at Southwestern Baptist Theoglogical Seminary and Robin is the wonderful mother of two of our grandsons, Noah and Jude.  (Little brother Luke will join the clan in late June.)

During our visits, I’ ve observed a woman I’ll call “The Southwestern Lady.”  Each afternoon she stands at the entrance of the Seminary and either rails/prays/or curses toward the campus.

I’ve tried talking with her to no avail.  Clay says she is there daily and will not talk to anyone, including campus security.

Her dress seems African so I’ve even tried saying, “Jambo” (a common Swahili greeting) but was ignored just as I was on “hello.”

She is always calling on Jesus, but I’m not sure if it’s asking Him for a curse or blessing.

If any student (or former student) at Southwestern can share any light on this lady, I’m curious to know more.

In the meantime, let’s pray for her.  God knows right where her heart his.

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