See Dirt? Throw Seeds!

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See dirt? Throw seeds.


It’s one of my favorite quotes.

It’s simple but profound.

See dirt? Throw seeds.

It is a multi-faceted statement. Here are several applications:

If we see a situation that needs improving, get involved and make a difference. Dig in and become part of the solution.

Secondly, when we throw seeds, we may not be around to see them grow into full plants with a full harvest.

Still: See dirt? Throw seeds.

Thirdly, we seek to influence and impact the lives of others. That’s why we throw the seeds as far out as possible.

Finally, as a Jesus-Follower, I am called to help spread the Gospel seed around the world. With the Internet, our involvement can be truly world-wide.

In the 21st Century, we can literally sow seeds from our neighborhood “to the end of the earth.”

See dirt? Throw seeds.

Takeaway: We can make a difference by using our platform and influence to change the world around us.


Curt Iles


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Uganda:: end of first rainy season. Crops looking great sweet potato hills.


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