Stocking Stuffers from the Creekbank

It’s Christmas and time to help you with stock stuffers and difficult gifts.

We are offering five of our Creekbank books for sale during Christmas.

Each book is for sale at a discount of $10 per book and to encourage multiple purchases, there is a total shipping fee of $5 regardless of purchase size. Each book is personally autographed.

You can easily order by responding to

Here are the books:

Christmas Jelly

Christmas Jelly  Our classic short story Christmas collection. A perfect stocking stuffer.

Deep Roots

Deep Roots Our most popular short story collection. Sure to put a smile on any reader’s face.


A Spent Bullet

A Spent Bullet The historical novel set in 1940’s Beauregard Parish amidst the Louisiana Maneuvers.Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam  Illustrated children’s classic about the Wild Horses of Western Louisiana.

As the Crow Flies

As the Crow Flies Our latest novel set around the Westport Fight of 1882.


You can order your copies by responding to this newsletter at

Simply tell us what books you want, how many copies, and your mailing address. We’ll send an invoice with your order.


Merry Christmas,


Curt Iles



  1. I think the only book I haven’t seen is “Uncle Sam: A Horse’s Tale.” I’m advertising to a person who needs someone who is familiar with the Christian romantic genre. Some of your books fell into that category. I did see some things you wrote along the Jericho Road. And I will still be copyediting until the Lord returns.

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