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“E’s Sat Phone” Chapter 12 from Trampled Grass

INTRO   A word from Curt Communication. It’s a good word and part of all of our daily lives.  I believe you’ll enjoy the story below about communicating on the Continent of Africa. Daily, we’re posting chapters from our new ebook,  Trampled Grass. If you enjoy ...

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Mon.Jan.31: Thoughts on True Grit

Grit… What is it? Today’s quote:  “I am not the most successful or most talented person in the world, but I succeeded because I keep going, and going, and going.”  -Sylvester Stallone I heard a speaker recently refer to it as “DQ.”  Don’t quit. Grit ...

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Across The Pea Patch: A Story On My Hero, Don Hunt

Across the Pea Patch: A story on my hero, Don Hunt I often write about traveling to far off places to share the good news of Jesus. Whether it’s Africa or Honduras, I always feel privileged to “go and tell.” Acts 1:8 tells us to ...

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The Best Part Of Writing And Living: Relationships

The Best Part of Writing and Living: Relationships Shown above is my nephew Adam Terry. He’s showing off a copy of “God’s Timing” a poem I wrote. (See end of blog for reprint of poem)     Adam is congressional aide for Rep. U.S Congressman ...

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Monkey Bridges And Cell Phones

Monkey Bridges and Cell Phones This bamboo bridge is over a creek near Liberia’s Ricks Institute School. It is nicknamed the “Monkey Bridge.” You can see the laden residents crossing it. They were much faster than we shaky legged Americans.We were taken to the nearby ...

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