A Thankful Video and 6 images that tell a story

I’m so thankful for readers and friends who allow me to write and publish independently.  Although I’ve yet to receive a “traditional contract” from a large publishing house, I’ve been privileged to write twelve books that have sold thousands of copies and touched so many folks.  I am grateful to God for this.

This video is how I feel about those of you who are helping publish As the Crow Flies. It’s going to be our best book yet!


 Click on image above to view video at You Tube.

Visit our Kickstarter page and take a test drive on As the Crow Flies.

We’re (humbly) asking for your help to top our $4000 goal this week.

This will allow us to share some added book benefits that I’m extremely excited about.*

Spoiler Alert:  * One stretch goal (when we get above $4000 in backers) is to produce a Braille version of Crow.


Curt and Dee atop Enchanted Rock in the Texas Hill Country.










During Spring Break, Dee and I traveled to the Texas Hill Country on a Bluebonnet viewing trip. It was a wonderful time being out in nature and spending time with the woman I love so deeply.

Bluebonnets near              Fredricksburg, Texas


Hill Country Poppies

I’ve never enjoyed a Spring quite like this one. It’s humbling that five months ago I spent a week in a psych ward dealing with the deepest depression of my life. Now, my joy has returned and I am grateful beyond words.  If you or a family member suffers from the “black dog” of depression, there is help available in good doctors, prayer, counseling, and medication.


Brown Pelican at Matagorda Bay, Texas
The Pineywoods Camp family and our saltwater catch.

I have a special relationship with Pineywoods Baptist Encampment near Corrigan, Texas.  I led their recent staff retreat at Palacios Baptist Camp on the Gulf Coast.

The brown pelican shot is special to me because it’s not only our Louisiana state bird, but was nearly extinct during my childhood. Now, they’re found everywhere along the coast.


Bluebird box at Oakdale Mill. Note smokestacks at busy mill.
Baby bluebirds in nest.


I’ll be at the Oakdale mill today and am curious to see if the babies have flown. I’ll give an update.

Nature is all around us during the Spring.

Get out and enjoy God’s creation!


If you haven’t visited our Kickstarter page yet, go to www.kickstarter.com and type “crow” in the hourglass search icon.



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