The Sacrifices of a Mother

Bob and Nancy Calvert (middle) with David and Renee Crane (and DeDe and I) in Uganda.

Of all the things I learned from three years in Africa,  a lasting lesson was the sacrifice of families who serves overseas.

Grandchildren grow up a world apart from their grandparents with only yearly (or less) face-to-face visits.

Missionaries worry about their aging parents as the years roll on.

Parents in the United States pray, worry, pray, and worry some more as their children live in harsh conditions and often unstable political environments.

I came to deeply respect these folks who’ve left it all behind, especially their close family, to share the Gospel in places where it has not been told.

This beautiful short story comes from Rosetta Calvert, mother of my closest African colleague, Bob Calvert. It is eloquent beyond words.  It features a mother’s heart.

And at Mother’s Day, it’s always appropriate to reflect on a mother’s heart.

Background:  Missionary mother and author Judy Burford published this book. When visiting her church last year, she gave me several copies. I mailed one to Bob, not knowing that his mother had penned a chapter.

Bob received this shortly after the death of both his mother and father. He had never read his mother’s words until 2016.






Bob Calvert sharing the Gospel

. and Nancy Calvert praying with Pastor Tolbert in Nimule, South Sudan





Thanks to our friend, Judy Burford, for allowing us to share this wonderful story.


Our lastest book,  Trampled Grass, is dedicated to Bob and Nancy.

Read a special chapter on the Calverts titled,  “Oh, My Soul.”

Order your copy of Trampled Grass here.


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