The Stories we hear . . .

Best part of my job:  I collect stories.

The best stories I’m hearing now:  from the generation that saved the world.  Our Great Depression/World War II men and women.

Join me in collecting their stories.  They’re all around you.  Grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, teachers.  They experienced first-hand a time that will never be repeated.

Capture their stories.  Use your smart phone (video, photo, voice memo, notes) or journal.

In ten, twenty years they will all be gone.

They’re in their seventies, eighties, and nineties.  Many are, for the first time, ready to tell stories they’ve carried for decades.

1941 H.C. Brown of Ragley on a La. Maneuvers tank

H.C. is gone now. I wished I could have heard his stories on this time.  Thanks to Olin Earl for sharing this with me.


Lawrence Lacy and his sweet wife Leniece of Sugartown. "Where were you when the Germans surrendered in May of 45?" "I was sitting on top of my tank about fifty miles from Berlin."

Mr Lawrence continued,  “I was one of the first Americans into Berlin.  The Germans were elated to see us.  The Russians were already there and was stealing everything they could.”

Mr. Lawrence served as a driver for General Patton at Fort Benning, GA before the war.  He “returned” to Louisiana for the 41 Maneuvers, spent time in the California desert, then shipped to England and Europe.

Before the war, he enrolled in the CCC:  Civilian Conservation Corps.  He manned the Whiskey Chitto Fire Tower in Vernon Parish.






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