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Today would be the 81st birthday of my Dad, Clayton Iles.

Spending the month of July in the house he built has brought back such a flood of good memories.

He was fun.

He was solid.

He was my Daddy


“A giant has walked among us. He had soft steps and a kind voice.”

-Don Hunt on my dad, Clayton Iles.

The Victory Dance

Sometimes in his forties, Daddy started what we called the “Victory Dance”.

He saved it for special occasions like playoff wins on Claudia’s team (see photo above). Coach Herman Hill smiles in the background.

When Dad hit a home run in softball, the Victory Dance followed at home plate.  I’ve been on both ends: as a teammate and opponent. (I enjoyed it much more on the same team).

People would ask me about the dance.  I’d shrug.  “That’s my Daddy.”


The Falcon

DaDFalconCroppedScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.00.17 PM


Our family was infamous for the old Ford Falcon we drove around Dry Creek.   When Daddy decided to sell it, this ad was placed.

He received many calls and sold it to a skoal-dipper from Singer.

I still have local men pull out a copy of the ad and remind me, “Curt, do you remember when your Dad placed this in the Beauregard News”?

How could I forget?

Why would I want to forget?

Behind all of this fun was a serious side.  Daddy was a deeply spiritual person.  Folks would ask,  “What’s he like at home”?

“He’s exactly what you see in public.”

He was an expressive writer.  The following manifesto is an example:

Clayton Iles on "Life, Death and Eternity."
Clayton Iles on “Life, Death and Eternity.”


His manifesto on life, death, and eternity has touched many lives.  Please pass it on to those who may be nearing this part of the journey or grieving the loss of a family member.





Thanks for allowing me the privilege of sharing on this bittersweet day of my Dad’s birthday.



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  1. Mr. Iles,

    You have inspired me ever since I met you as my teacher at EBHS all those years ago and you continue to do so today. Keep up the great work and know that it means the world to many of us. You will always have a special place in my memories and heart.


    • Thanks Percy. Your kind words mean a great deal. I see Gabi, Cory, and Titus when I visit our son in North Carolina. I am so proud of them.

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