Together, we are doing it! Quick Exciting Kickstarter Update

A quick word from Curt.

We love books! Curt with Emma Iles at the Curious George Store in Cambridge, Mass.
Quick Update on our Kickstarter Campaign:Together, we can do it!  That’s been our theme for this project to publish our next novel.Thanks to the help of readers and friends like you, we’re halfway to our Kickstarter goal of $4000 to publish As the Crow Flies.  This is amazing because it has occurred in the first five days of the campaign. (It ends on May 25).Home Page for our Book Project

We’re inviting you to:

1. Become a backer. Simply click on ‘Back this project’ on the As the Crow Flies Kickstarter Home Page.

2.  Click on the share button and let your friends on social media know about this project. The best friend of an independent author/book is word of mouth.

Our goal was to receive $160 dollars per day. This would meet our total goal of $4000 on May 25.  Instead, folks like you have given an average of over $400 per day.

Let’s surpass $4000 this week, so we can move on to some stretch goals.*

* Stretch goals are special projects we’ll use excess funds to place As the Crow Flies in the hands of folks who’ve never read our books.  I’d share more now, but as Unk Dyal says in As the Crow Flies,  “If I told you, I’d hafta kill you.”

Stay tuned for further exciting news on this project.

I’m grateful and humbled by the support of our friends and readers.

Curt Iles
Alexandria, Louisiana/Dry Creek, Louisiana

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