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Tues. Dec. 7 ‘Deep Roots’ has arrived

The first 300 copies of Deep Roots have arrived.  2000 more will be marching  in later in the week.

You can easily order autographed copies at

I firmly believe it will be our best-loved book yet.

Here are locations where copies will be available by Tuesday evening:

DeRidder:  Thrifty Way Pharmacy, Ideal Drugs, Big Stick

Dry Creek:  Foremans, Dry Creek Camp

DeQuincy:  Nichols

Grant:  Grant Christmas Tree Farm

Wednesday afternoon:   Hastings Alexandria

How you can help:  request that your brick and mortar bookstores (Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Borders, Lifeway) stock Deep Roots.

Give them this information:

Deep Roots by Curt Iles

Distributed by Ingram   ISBN 978-0-9826492-1-3

Ask your public library to order copies from either Ingram publishers or

Brevity, remembrance, and value are critical to creating a powerful brand. However, your focus should be primarily on explaining the value that you provide.   – Jim Rohn

Here is the “brand” for Creekbank Stories:

Using stories to connect people’s hearts to God.

About Curt Iles

I write to have influence and impact through well-told stories of my Louisiana and African sojourn.

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