Tues. Dec. 7 ‘Deep Roots’ has arrived

The first 300 copies of Deep Roots have arrived.  2000 more will be marching  in later in the week.

You can easily order autographed copies at http://www.creekbank.net

I firmly believe it will be our best-loved book yet.

Here are locations where copies will be available by Tuesday evening:

DeRidder:  Thrifty Way Pharmacy, Ideal Drugs, Big Stick

Dry Creek:  Foremans, Dry Creek Camp

DeQuincy:  Nichols

Grant:  Grant Christmas Tree Farm

Wednesday afternoon:   Hastings Alexandria

How you can help:  request that your brick and mortar bookstores (Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Borders, Lifeway) stock Deep Roots.

Give them this information:

Deep Roots by Curt Iles

Distributed by Ingram   ISBN 978-0-9826492-1-3

Ask your public library to order copies from either Ingram publishers or http://www.creekbank.net

Brevity, remembrance, and value are critical to creating a powerful brand. However, your focus should be primarily on explaining the value that you provide.   – Jim Rohn

Here is the “brand” for Creekbank Stories:

Using stories to connect people’s hearts to God.

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