Tues. Sept. 27

A Spent Bullet: Louisiana 1941

Merryville, LA

Bruce Bennett grew up in the Merryville Junction Community . He remembers the soldiers camped all around their home.   They gave away lots of food and items.

He and his brothers were walking along one day when a M-1 rifle fell off a passing truck.  They grabbed it and were hoofing it home when a passing officer saw them and confiscated their prize.

His wife Melonee grew up in the community of Mora.  She told of the interactions between her family and the soldiers.  She warmly told of the soldiers bringing cold chocolate milk as gifts.

Her mother washed and iron clothes for the men.  Pay was often items, food, or money.


  1. Curt, I was very young, but I remember when the soldiers were camped by our house on Hwy 26…Mom washed and ironed their clothes as well and doing a lot of cooking for them. They would come up to our house and visit. This was the second time the soldiers were camped around our house. The first time was before I was born..and I remember stories about them. There was also sadness during that time…the first time I ever hear about a coral snake was during their 2nd maneuvers. A coral snake had gotten into one of the soldiers bedding and bit him. It was very sad.

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