Two seasons as seen from a Farmall Tractor

We’ve definitely had winter in southern Louisiana.

The coldest weather of the 21st century.  Lower teen temperatures  have only been seen about four times in my fifty plus years.

I do believe that a picture tells a story, and a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Young melon plants June 2009
Young melon plants June 2009
Dec. 4 2009  Snow on the Tractor
Dec. 4 2009 Snow on the Tractor

These photos, one from watermelon season in June 2009 and the other from our early December 2009 snow, tell the story of the seasons in Dry Creek.

This is a Farmall Tractor at the watermelon farm of Scott and Dena Spears Hardwick.  It’s the type of tractor I first learned to drive as a twelve-year-old boy just a few miles from the location of this field.  Its high clearance design was a favorite of farmers as it allowed corn to be plowed up to about two feet high.

I’m thankful to live in a place where there are seasons.

a place where corn grows in the summer and world’s sweetest watermelons come from.  (They don’t call them “Sugartown Melons” for nothing.

I’m grateful to live in the community I grew up in.

I’m appreciative my three sons were raised in this same place.

A place I love called Dry Creek.

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  1. My husband and I are looking for someone to buy a truckload of Sugartown melons from. Can you give me suggestions since you are from the area?

    Many Thanks!!!

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