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Sojourn:   a temporary stay.


Friday,  3 July    You’ve held the rope by praying!

DeDe and I have been traveling since Tuesday night.

Here’s a quick update:

-We left Uganda at midnight on June 30. (Our time zone there is 8 + hours over CDT).  On the flights, my system held up pretty well.  I firmly believe your prayer made a difference!

– We traveled through Amsterdam, Atlanta, and arrived in Alexandria, Lousiana Wednesday at dusk.

– 7 of our 8 grandchildren met us at the airport.  (Emma Iles was waiting on Skype there).

-After a quick night in Cenla, DeDe and I drove on to New Orleans.

My lifelong friend, Dr. Chuck Reed, worked hard to place us with Tulane Hospital.  So on Thursday afternoon, we met with Dr. Susan McLellan and her staff.  They went over my case with the proverbial fine-toothed comb.

Uganda Sunset
Uganda Sunset

Dr. McLellan has lived in Africa, works with tropical and infectious diseases, and was so very impressive.

Our East African medical director, Miriam Pumpelly, forwarded all of our tests from Kenya.

Dr. McLellan ordered a wide range of blood tests and other unmentionable samples.

We’ll return to New Orleans next week to learn more.

Please pray for a correct and timely diagnosis.  I am ready to get well!

I continue to drop weight and have daily stomach issues.

We will be spending July in Dry Creek, Harrisonburg, and Cenla.

A sojourn is a temporary stay.
Red Dirt Road on Lake Victoria, Uganda.

We’ve left the Red Dirt of Uganda for Louisiana Red Dirt.

"Piney Woods Road" by Bill Iles
“Piney Woods Road” by Bill Iles


This is a bittersweet time.  Although happy to be among family,  we are not happy to have left Africa early and without proper goodbyes to our precious African friends.

Please pray for this transition time in our lives as well as our team and family back in Uganda/South Sudan/Chad and their borderlands.


During the coming days and weeks,  I’ll be sharing about how God is revealing His plans for this next leg of our sojourn.

So many of you have “Held the Rope” in prayer during these past three years.

We need your prayer as much as ever.










  1. Curt,
    We had special prayer for you and Dede this past Wednesday at Green Valley Baptist Church…..praying for your health and adjustment back to the States….

  2. Modie Phillips

    My heart hurts for you both. Praying as always.

  3. DeLain Prewitt

    Curt and DeDe, I firmly believe that God was using you in a mighty way in Africa, but He surely has a bigger plan.

    I shared with our pastor, Bro. Jeff Coleman (pastor of FBC-Leesville) on Monday during prayer time about your situation. He certainly understands. He and his family had to return from East Asia after being there for 10 years because of health issues. He stated that he certainly can relate to your situation. Please know that you both are in our prayers. Prayers for healing and peace as you wait upon the Lord.

  4. Hey Bro Curt,

    Know we are praying for you.
    When we see our lives as a path we are walking. It is so interesting and exciting to see where the Lord has taken us and is leading us. The things He shows us are too amazing to describe. God bless you as you continue along the path.

  5. We are praying that God heals you soon! Thanks for always being a precious example and inspiration!

  6. I continue to pray for you and DeDe daily. I am from DeRidder, but live in Lake Charles. Our church, Emmanuel Baptist are praying for comfort and healing for your body. We are so proud and thankful for people like you. May God continue to bless and heal you as you do His will and follow His path. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  7. Susan Taliaferro

    Curt, we continue to pray for you and DeDe. You have such a big place in all our hearts. We will see you next year!

  8. Bro. Curt and Mrs. DeDe: The Collie family continues to pray for you each and every day as you seek to know and understand God’s will in your life at this time. Also, our 2nd Grade Sunday School Class at Temple Baptist Church, Ruston, stands before a map of our world with your picture post card placed there and prays each and every Sunday. Our rope is not frayed; we still have a Strong Hold! You are an inspiration to so many and have been through generations. We love you and are praying.

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