Wed. Feb. 24, 2010

Quote for the day: “A writer should strive to be a person on whom nothing is lost.”  -Henry James

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Pickups and Real Men

I often listen to Dave Ramsey and his excellent financial radio program.  Recently a female caller related, “Today, my husband sold his new pickup truck to help our family become debt-free.”

Ramsey said,  “Now that’s a real man.”

I agree.  Only a man who loves pickup trucks can understand the seriousness and commitment of this husband’s decision.  My hat’s off to him.

Since 1976 when my parents gave me an old beat-up Chevy truck, I’ve been behind the wheel of a pickup.  It’s just a part of the culture “where I come from.” (I plan to write a future book entitled  “Where I Come From.” I like the way it rings. I’m not sure yet what the book will be about, but I sure like its title.)

I’m not a real farmer or rancher, but I value my truck.  It allows me to haul dogs, sacks of feed, fenceposts, bicycles, a 4-wheeler, pine knots, pine straw, and a hundred other items that wouldn’t fit in the back seat or trunk of  a car.  (Readers: what are items that you haul in your truck that is impossible with a car?)

My current truck, a 2001 Dodge Dakota is quickly becoming what Dave Ramsey calls a “clunker” but it’s paid off and the radio works well.  I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off.

And when that happens, I’ll get another pickup truck… Lord willing.

Would I be willing to sell my truck?


under some circumstances,

well maybe.

Now if someone said, “You’ll never see your grandkids again unless you sell your truck,”  I’d sell it for sure.

I’m sure there are some other reasons I’d sell my truck.

I just can’t think of any at the moment.

I’ll be thinking about it today as I drive my pickup to Lake Charles.

Enjoying the journey (in my truck)



  1. I am a truck man, too. One time Jake and I put 42 mattresses in the back of my truck (and on top of it). It was quite impressive looking. When I was a kid there was no greater thrill then riding in the back of a truck…gone are the days….

    P.S. I already like the new book (Where I come from) also.

  2. How about snow? That’s right snow! Brother Curt, one of my favorite persons came in last weekend to visit his son Brent, and friends for a few days. My ex-brother-in-law (Greg Martin) came in from Michigan. He told me that when he left home his truck bed was level full with snow. He gave thought to having a snowball fight when he got down here. Lucky for us, and to his disappointment. He lost it all, near Memphis. Hope your day goes great! Vance

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