Wed. Oct. 13 A New Word: Plethora

Todd (right) with Greg Johnson. "Unk" Dial in "The Wayfaring Stranger" and "A Good Place" is patterned after Greg.

Plethora |ˈpleθərə|
noun ( a plethora of)
an excess of (something) : a plethora of committees and subcommittees.
• Medicine an excess of a bodily fluid, particularly blood.

Being a writer, I naturally love words.  I learned a new word this weekend from the best redneck duck hunter I know, Todd Burnaman.    Todd is the manager of our beloved Dry Creek Baptist Camp.  I am so proud of the job he is doing in leading our Camp to its best days ever.

Todd was leading our church business Sunday night and he commented,  “You’ll be receiving a plethora of papers in our handouts.”

DeDe had to explain and spell the word for me.  My excuse: I am a writer, but I was a P.E. Major (but so was Todd).

I’ve thought about the word all week.  I can see Todd, with his partners in crime and hunting, Kevin Willis and Kyler Campbell, in their duck blind:   “Guys, look in the SW at 3 o’clock. A plethora of pintails are setting their wings.”

My question to Todd (and you):  How many ducks does it take to make a ‘plethora’?”*

* A tough punctuation question:      …make a ‘plethora’?”  or …make a plethora?'” or …make a plethora?’ “


James Newsom (L) and Todd Burnaman. Cameron Parish hunt 2010. Todd's lab, Mac, is on box.


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  1. I think this is Todd’s inspiration.

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